I was working a job that I felt was a dead end.

My husband’s position at the University had been eliminated and I was STESSED!!

Our neighbor, Kim, was riding one of her three horses and had stopped to chat with another neighbor.  I walked across the street, looked and Kim and said, “I need horse time”.  I had no idea what that meant and Kim just said, “I think we can arrange that”.  So my story begins.

I met her at the barn several days later to meet her horses.  Rocky, Bo and Comet.  Rocky and Bo are Rocky Mountains and Comet is a rescue so he has a little bit of everything.  Kim asked which horse I would like to ride and I said, “I don’t know”.  As I was looking from one to another Bo started moving his head from side to side as if saying, “pick me, pick me!”.

So, I picked Bo.


What a charmer.  He was so gentle.  It didn’t take long to feel like our relationship was one of a kind.  Kim was so kind and generous!






As time goes by I have gotten to know Rocky and Comet better and thoroughly enjoy being with them too.







Bo is one of those rare connections that exist without time.  Even if we haven’t seen each other for a while we connect and move together right away.

I am grateful to have experienced it and I feel that Bo helped me feel more confident and supported so I could follow my heart and step into a more authentic self.  I searched for a way to share my equine experience and found that it is called equine assisted coaching.  I love that coaching is moving from this point forward.  I am living my newest dream!!  I also have the greatest husband.  He supports and has chosen to assist me in my endeavor of starting another business and moving to a farm with a barn so we can bring OUR horses home.

I am filled with gratitude.  What are you grateful for today?