IMG_1345You know yet you don’t know.

We (my husband Rick and I) have been in our “new” house for a month.

We have some interior work to be done but we are concentrating on getting the pasture ready our boys; Cadencio, Smokey and Dusty.

We need to clear some REALLY TALL weeds from our paddock area, we need to purchase and install fencing and install an electric fence.

Because we have never done anything like this before when people ask, “When are you bringing the horses home?” we try and guess.  I am laughing as I type!  How can you know before you experience it?  We tell people now that facebook will explode when we bring the horses home.  Until then, we will do what we can, when we can.

We have been able to rent a walk behind brush hog and cut down a little less than half the tall weeds in what will be our paddock area.  We took a 300 foot tape measure out to the field and have used little flags to mark fence posts.  We know that it is just an estimate on the number of posts we need until we figure out where the gates will be.  We know where we will purchase the fence posts and other parts/materials we need to get the fence up.  I have also cleaned out stalls and am making a list of material needs like light bulbs and locks. 

We are so excited yet time seems to be slipping away.  I seriously thought we would be able to move the horses home by November 1st.


What we know for sure:  we are getting closer!  We are falling in love with our new property and have been enjoying the mild weather.  The changing trees are a bonus!

I am filled with gratitude and wonder.  What are you grateful for today?