101_0181I met Bo about 4 years ago.

He was the first horse I ever connected with.  Bo and I are a great fit.  He belongs to a friend and I have ridden him on several occasions.  When I get on Bo we both love to be the leader and we love to explore.

Trail riding is our favorite.  One of the most important understandings we came to early on is that I would not let Bo run into a tree.

You see, Bo is a Rocky Mountain with anterior segment dysgenesis (ADS).  It affects his vision so when Bo is in the woods he cannot see very well.  That is when he relies on me.

The first time we were headed towards the woods Bo hesitated.  I kept trying to get him to go it but he refused.  Then I realized that he could very easily run right into a tree because he can’t see it.

I promised Bo, from my heart, that I would not let him run into a tree.  As soon as I finished he went straight into the woods.

I rely on him to get me down hills and through water safely.  You see, horses have better senses when it come to finding a safe path down a hill or around (or through) water.  The rest of the time we work as a team to have fun and communicate.  When we get a nice straight stretch of road we love to gait.  Bo’s owner has even said that Bo will do things for me he won’t do for her.  She has often told us that we should be in a parade because we love to show off!

We are both extraverts.

I hope some day we can ride in a short parade together.  I have also dreamed of swimming with Bo.


What are your dreams?

I am filled with hope and gratitude.

What do you hope for today?