Vickie with Smokey.

Journey with Horses was inspired by my own personal journey through the emotional, mental and financial challenges of being in a dead end job.   How did I get here?  Where do I want to go? And how do I start?  It started with a horse named Bodacious.  It wasn’t until I reconnected with nature and horses and engaged a professional life coach that I found the support and the ability to find personal peace again.

I’m originally from northeastern Indiana, went to Band Instrument Repair School in Red Wing, Minnesota, worked in the suburbs of Chicago then moved to Austria. In addition to my instrument repair work I volunteered for the Austrian Red Cross as an EMT. This is where I developed my deep respect for the men and women who work in service of others. The “Givers who Care”. Then, I married an American (Rick) and moved to Wisconsin.  I admire who I have become by being a wife, step-mom, short term assistant during my mother-in-laws end of life care, sole-proprietor corporation owner/operator and college graduate.  The challenge for me was keeping a balance of taking care of others and taking care of myself.  As Journey with Horses developed I knew that the people I most want to serve are those individuals who give so much to the care and well-being of others, whether as a profession or those who find themselves responsible for an ailing family member.

The paradox is:  increasing self care increases what we have to give to others.  I don’t want to be “on the edge” of the teeter-totter.  Giving until I am empty (hitting the ground as if the person on the other side has jumped off) resulting in completely ignoring others until I have refueled.  I am finding a place closer to the middle so I can refuel and give within one breath.


I am a bundle of joy and gentleness,
I stand for making conscious choices, and
I am an expert at creatively moving outside the box and finding gratitude.