Dusty is a 3 year old mini stallion.  Just like a curious preschooler he is constantly asking questions and sticks his nose in EVERYTHING!  He is active; his hooves are always moving.  He is very smart too.  We will be playing lots of games soon.



Cadencio is a 21 year old Paso Fino and an extremely sensitive soul.  He is never in a hurry.  He likes to think about things before trying them.  He used to be a show horse and I have seen what he can do.  I look forward to watching him blossom even more once he is moved home with us.



Smokey is a 9 year old mini stallion who just happens to be Dusty’s father.  Smokey has a heart as big as a Percheron.  He has an enormous calming presence.  He likes to nibble grass so close that his body is touching your leg.  Sometimes his behavior is more like a dog than a horse.